A young Taiwanese actress visiting the island of Okinawa makes a mistake in her booking, and ends up at a small inn, rather than the luxury resort she thought she had booked. At first discouraged by lack of accommodation, she stays with the family of three and soon learns the kindness that comes from the Okinawan people. As she gets closer to the family, she becomes interested in a quiet, reserved boatman who lives with the family. Together the two start an unlikely relationship, that question their views of the world.

“Indigo Love” is a charming, albeit rushed, romantic film about a woman finding an unlikely love in a local man. The set up to the budding romance works well as her cynicism seems to melt away under the scenic backdrop of Okinawa, and with that she opens up her heart for an unlikely companionship. As strong as the premise is, it does suffer from feeling rather rushed due to run time constraints, and some of the drama feels escalated too quickly before properly establishing it’s characters. This is most notable when the young actress tears down over her potential lover in frustration, an initial interaction that comes across as overly crass. Thankfully, the short film concludes on a high note, as the two come to a cultural understanding while overlooking the ocean.

The cinematography is unfortunately a bit stunted by some awkward framed shots, as well as poor lighting in the interior shots. However, this becomes offset by the landscape, with the shots of the ocean looking particularly serene. Every other technical aspect of the production manages to be serviceable to the story. The performances feel a bit stifled, mostly due to the rushed script which forces its subjects into more profound realizations that aren’t strongly established in a back story. Thankfully, each actor brings there own degree of charm into the production,

“Indigo Love” is a charming love story, that is somewhat let down by the rush to create a romantic atmosphere. The visuals are also rather inconsistent, with the only real reprise coming from having Okinawa as a backdrop. Overall, the production offers up a short, yet sweet, tale of romance, which should appeal to a wider audience.