Directed by Herman Yau and co-written with his regular collaborator Erica Lee, “Shock Wave 2” is a sequel only in a thematic way. The plot-line and characters are in fact different from 2019’s Shock Wave, despite Andy Lau’s presence and his bomb disposal job. Nevertheless, the same explosions, fireworks, and visually impressive effects are to be expected!

Andy Lau as Poon Sing-fung, a former bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau (EOD)
Sean Lau as Tung Cheuk-man, a bomb disposal officer of the EOD and Poon’s comrade in arms
Ni Ni as Pong Ling, Poon’s ex-girlfriend ande chief inspector of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit
Philip Keung

Poon Sing-fung (Andy Lau) is a former bomb disposal officer who is injured and falls into a coma in a terrorist attack and becomes the top suspect criminal as the police believes he’s linked to a criminal organisation. After being interrogated and imprisoned, he escapes from jail and – as a fugitive – will have to prove his innocence with the help of his comrade in arms, bomb disposal officer Tung Cheuk-man (Sean Lau) and his ex-girlfriend, Pong Ling (Ni Ni), who is now the chief inspector of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit.

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