Chinese director Zhou Zhou (“Meili”) second feature length film “Only You Alone” will be screening at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The script was written in collaboration with Chi Yun, who also plays the lead role in the film. A trailer for the production was recently released and can be viewed below.


Since her grandfather died, Chi Li has been living alone in her aunt’s house, who lives abroad. She has no contact with her parents. It’s a lonely life, but Chi Li is doing fine. She has a job in a cinema and does not need a relationship. This is how she protects herself, because who would want her as a girlfriend? Chi Li has epilepsy. In her environment, northeastern China, her illness means that she does not count on the wedding market.

When a boy shows an interest in her, some warmth seems to penetrate into her armored existence. But a romantic visit to a dance performance painfully reminds her of her past as a dancer. (IFFR)