Japanese Director Shinichiro Ueda (“One Cut of the Dead“, “Aesop’s Game”) latest film “Special Actors” will be making its international premiere at the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam. With his personal slogan of “making films which will still be fun after 100 years”, Ueda looks to bring the same brand of comedy that resulted in the international cult hit “One Cut of the Dead”.


The good Kazuto wants nothing more than to become an actor, but an annoying ailment gets in his way: he faints as soon as he becomes nervous. Every time it gets a bit too much for him, he squeezes his tit-shaped anti-stress ball, usually in vain. Just as Kazuto seems condemned to a rather sad existence, he meets his brother Hiroki again after many years.

Hiroki works for a desk with actors who act as friends and relatives, and that seems like something to Kazuto. Together they are given the difficult task of rescuing a family hostel from a fraudulent cult. On the day this cult celebrates the 8,396,825,800th anniversary of their supreme god, everything reaches a crazy and confusing climax with ghost appearances and gallons of fake blood. (IFFR)