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1st Copenhagen Asian Film Festival Announces Full Programme

Next Sunday, kicks off for the first time and will feature Danish and European cinema premieres for several Asian movies, plus retrospectives on Oscar nominated director and other legends of Asian cinema.

28 movies from the Asian cinema treasure vaults, in eight days.

This is the extend of Copenhagen Asian Film Festival (CAFF), the very first Scandinavian pan-Asian film festival.

Among the gems to be screened at CAFF are four films by Bong Joon-ho, for the audience to experience the back catalogue of the South Korean director currently enjoying great succes with his Oscar nominated hit film, ”Parasite”.

In addition, CAFF will be presenting a retrospective cavalcade on martial arts legend , who during the festival will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his hard-hitting acting roles in over 100 films, from 70's cult cinema to big Hollywood productions.

”We've made sure that both mainstream cinema, such as our opening movie, the Chinese epic ”Shadow”, and more artistic niche cinema, such as the Japanese erotica Pinku films, are represented”, says festival director Steen Jensen in a press release.

Check the full programme and schedule in the link below

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An avid collector of physical media, I would say Korean cinema really is my first choice, but I'll watch anything that is south-east Asian. I started contributing to Asian Movie Pulse in 2018 to share my love for Asian cinema in the form of my writings.

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