Another year has passed and it’s the perfect time to remember its best titles. Plenty of series have aired since the beginning of 2019 and there is such a huge variety of genres, that I guarantee you that you’ll find a gem of your taste. So allow me to elaborate more, by sharing all the anime that caught my attention, by hitting the right spots, in random order! 

1. Carole and Tuesday

“Carole and Tuesday” takes place in a setting quite similar to Nana’s, though it has numerous sci-fi elements. The plot narrates the story of Carole and Tuesday, two young girls who love music and live on …Mars. In this futuristic environment, people have stopped making art and modern technology has taken over everything. However, those two stubborn ladies will make a difference, by following their dream of becoming professional musicians. This anime is produced by Studio Bones and it’s directed by the talented Shinichirō Watanabe, who has also worked as a music producer in the past. So, it’s not a surprise that the voice acting and the artwork are great. In conclusion, if you’re a music genre fan, you have to give this series a chance!

2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Based on the homotitled manga of Koyoharu Gotōge, this extremely intense and emotional series, has managed to win over the majority of anime-lovers. The story revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, who lives in the mountains with his family, and he’s the sole source of income after the passing of his father. One day, his household gets attacked by demons and everyone – except his sister, who’s turned into a demon herself- is slaughtered. So Tanjiro is dedicated finding a way to bring her back in her human form. This amazing series is full of detailed artwork, flawless character movement, interesting twists and high-quality voice acting. All of these elements, combined with the intense action, the gore and the jaw-dropping twists, made me cherish “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba”. And I assure you that you’ll adore it!

3. Attack on Titan: Season 3 Part 2

“Attack on Titan”, or else: the return everyone has been waiting for! This fascinating series managed to amaze its audience once again. Since the very first episode, we’re on pins and needles, looking forward to the continuation. The story continues from where it was left off and the various oddities and revelations don’t let us catch a break. Plus, the direction is great and the plot is marvelous once again. Studio Wit knows how to respect its audience, by delivering an anime that is worth remembering. If you haven’t already watched this astonishing series, it’s the perfect time to begin! You won’t be disappointed. 

4. Blade of the Immortal

“Blade of the Immortal” is adapted into anime once again and, this time, the production is determined to narrate the whole story. Based on the Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka, it includes a solid plot and astonishing artwork. It’s utterly interesting, since it revolves around Manji, a samurai, who’s cursed with immortality and cannot die from any wound -only from a rare poison. So, he tries to make up for his haunting past and regain his soul. With epic battles between good and evil, alongside with plenty of action, it manages to win the viewer. Yet, at times the events feel rushed and the pacing is somewhat poor. However, since I love samurai and the original manga version, I can’t help but include it in this list. 

5. Maou-sama, Retry!

“Maou-sama, Retry!” was out of this world. Irony, punch lines, pervert jokes and humor were all over the place. This series was my weekly guilty pleasure and I assure you, I wasn’t expecting that when it commenced. It’s fresh, sharp, dirty, it conveys plenty of morals about modern society and it has pretty memorable characters. It’s full of new ideas and it’s, without a doubt, a breath of fresh air in the anime industry. Yet, I have to warn you! Since it’s the first full length anime of the newly established studio Ekachi Epilka, don’t expect much from its artwork. So, moving on to its story, the plot revolves around a young man, who finds himself mysteriously trapped in a videogame world (isekai fans can start cheering). While he tries to find answers about his bizarre arrival, alongside with a way to escape, he becomes … quite famous and he makes new friends and enemies. 

6. Dr. Stone

Although I personally hated didn’t like “Dr. Stone”, I decided to include it in this list, since it turned out to be extremely popular. This isekai series, is based on the homotitled manga of Riichiro Inagaki and it’s released by the legendary studio TMS Entertainment. This phenomenal studio, which has produced Akira, rarely disappoints. “Dr. Stone”’s plot narrates the story of Senku Ishigami, Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa and takes place after a mysterious flash of light petrified the human population. Rebuilding of the civilisation, fights between tribes, scientific experiments and a little bit of romance, are some major elements of this show. And, at this point, I’d like to mention that, even though the anime is well-made and the general idea of the story is excellent, it remains generalized and doesn’t deepen enough. Yet, if you’re a shounen/ isekai lover, the chances are that you’ll love it. So, why not, give it a chance. 

7. Vinland Saga

“Vinland Saga”, based on Makoto Yukimura’s historical fiction manga, premiered on July of 2019. Produced by the beloved Wit Studio, it’s not a surprise that it made it to the list. It narrates an usual and remarkable adventure, which revolves around Vikings and exploration. What I cherish most about this anime, is the following: even though the mangaka has studied a lot before creating it, it manages to remain smart, original and deviceful. This Northern adventure, which conveys plenty of anti-violent messages, will daze you. It is worth every minute of your time! 

8. The Promised Neverland

“The Promised Neverland” series is based on the manga of Kaiu Shirai -fun fact: this is a pet name and no one knows the real identity of the artist! So, after manga’s huge success, studio CloverWorks took the wheel for the anime creation. Without a doubt, the production did a great job when it comes to adaptation, artwork and atmosphere. “The Promised Neverland” takes place in 2045, in a nearby and dystopian future and it narrates the story of three orphans: Emma, Norman, and Ray. These children are living happily, by having everything they could ask for: shelter, food, loving friends and good education. Though, a younger child’s adoption, will reveal a dark secret about their life’s purpose… This intense plot, alongside with the interesting characters and the amazing contrast between a fairytale-like setting and a dark atmosphere, will make your jaw drop. Yet, this series offers more than just mystery and thriller elements. Through hidden allegories, it tries to convey messages about human arrogance over the other life forms. Plus, it tries to teach us that the quality of life is more important than the quantity. If you’re into for an anime full of plot twists, revelations and action, you should watch “The Promised Neverland” immediately.