Third Window Films has announced it’s upcoming slate of new releases. Including a double bill of the work of Ujichi in “Burning Buddha Man” and “Violence Voyager”, Nouhiko Obayshi’s “Hangatami”, and the cult hit “Melancholic” from Seiji Tanaka.

Violence Voyager/ Burning Buddha Man

A double bill of the work of Japanese director Ujicha, whose unique and over the top style and narrative has garnered a cult fan base. Our own Don Anelli had this to say about Violence Voyager. “Ujicha’s story, about the boys trapped in the nightmarish world of the cursed amusement park, creates an incredibly surreal backdrop for the madness within here. Employing child kidnapping, a mad scientist, robotics and grotesque body-horror, these seemingly disparate ideas are wrapped together into an engaging and wholly unique storyline.”

The two films will be presented in a special edition bluray set out in Jun/July. Check out the trailer for Violence Voyager and Burning Buddha Man here and here.


Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi, best know for the rediscovered cult classic “House“, war time epic 40 years in the making. Is set for a special edition release in the summer of 2020, you can check out the trailer here.


Japanese director Seiji Tanaka’s debut film “Melancholic” saw a similar rise to the cult hit “One Cut of the Dead“. A low-budget, high concept genre film that opening in one theater in Tokyo, selling out for weeks. The success drove the film to be shown and subsequently winning big at the Undine Film Festival. The title is set for release in Autumn of 2020, a trailer can be seen here.