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Considered one of the most realistic films about daily life in postwar 1950’s Seoul, “The Flower in Hell” is a truly great film that highlights the circumstances of the lower classes during the era in the best way. Director Shin Sang-ok had shared an apartment with a prostitute in order to live more comfortably rather than sharing a one-room evacuation apartment with several families, giving him insight in the subject of the production.


Yeong-sik is a petty criminal who earns his living by stealing supplies from a U.S army base and selling them in the black market, along with his group of “misfits”. He lives in a house in an area occupied mostly by prostitutes, along with his girlfriend, Sonya, who offers her “services ” to the American soldiers. Eventually, his younger brother, Dong-sik, arrives to Seoul in order to bring Yeong-sik back to their village, as per their mother’s requests. His brother, however, has other plans, mostly involving him making a fortune and taking Sonya away from her current life. Dong-sik also does not back down, but soon finds himself in the “grasp” of Sonya, who proves much more than just a beautiful woman.

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