woman watching tv, eating popcorn.

With the ever growing popularity of the CBD industry, more people than ever have been experimenting with different ways to enjoy CBD. Manufacturers have developed an array of products from CBD oils, creams, e-liquids, and CBD pet treats, to a huge selection of treats for humans like CBD gummies and drink additives, so it’s no wonder that people have been experimenting with combining their CBD products with things they consume in their everyday lives. In this experimentation an overwhelming number of people have come to the same conclusion: CBD and movie snacks go well together. Quite well in fact. So we have decided to take a look around to find out why this combination is so amazing, and to share some of the most popular combinations of CBD and treats that might just change your viewing experience forever.

Watching movies and snacking on tasty treats go together like the sky and the stars. There is an unspeakable, nearly inconceivable beauty that exists in the marriage of two that are so naturally binary. The stars would not be the same without the sky to shine through. The sky would not be the same without the glow of the stars. As this is true with the space above us, it is true with snacks and movies. They must occur simultaneously for one to experience the majesty of their synergistic qualities. It has recently been discovered by a large number of CBD users and movie enthusiasts that the combination of CBD and movie treats shares the very same principals that we have been discussing.

Though CBD and movie treats can, and do, in fact exist without one another, it doesn’t mean that they should always stay that way. It is important to note that CBD products are fantastic on their own while movie treats, though pretty tasty, are often a bit overwhelming outside the proper context; watching a movie whilst kicking back and chowing down on said goodies. But when CBD and movie snacks are combined not only do they supersede the previous assumption that movie snacks require a movie to be properly enjoyed, but it proves that when you take a powerful combination such as CBD and movie snacks, and then add an actual movie into the mix, you better be ready to have a very nice time.

Through our research on the topic, we discovered that one of the most popular combinations of CBD and movie snacks amongst CBD users ages 21-76 was a bucket of popcorn with CBD gummies mixed in. The CBD gummies apparently add a gummy contrast to the popcorn that is extremely enjoyable. Many people have their own personal preference when it comes to toppings for their CBD gummies and popcorn. One exceedingly popular combination was popcorn with raisins, a mix of different flavors of CBD gummies, a fair amount of melted butter, a few cloves of garlic, and a CBD infused drink to wash it all down. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like my own personal utopia. I might add a dollop of mayonnaise and a bit of spicy sauce to give it a little extra flavor. But that’s just me. A large number of people have their own variations but use the basic combination previously mentioned as a starting point.  

There are also more subtly delicious combinations that are definitely as enjoyable as the popcorn and CBD gummies and might be more your speed. In our research we noticed that people also seemed to enjoy vaping as a part of their movie and snacking experience. One combination that sounded delicious was one that was first discovered by a woman in Sherman Oaks, California. The woman was well aware that the combination of CBD, delectable treats, and watching a movie, was the stuff dreams are made of and spent a great deal of her time watching movies online and trying as many different combinations of CBD and movie treats that she could. She was becoming quite experienced given her daily practice but had yet to yield any true results. Every time she thought she had made a discovery she would go online only to find that someone had already discovered that combination of CBD and movie treats. 

Until one day she finally found the combination she had been searching for. “Eureka!” She shouted, as she ran laps around her living room like a poodle. She hurried online to make certain, and sure enough, it was so. She had discovered that vaping CBD while eating popcorn mixed with CBD gummies and watching a movie was super awesome. Her discovery had to be shared with the world, so she went back to her computer and began writing. She found every CBD and movie snack combo blog she could, and announced her findings. All of the sudden people everywhere were not only eating their popcorn with CBD gummies while watching movies, but they were vaping their CBD at the same time. For some, movie viewing could never be the same. They had experienced the grandeur of what the movie viewing experience could be if treated correctly by consuming both CBD and tasty movie treats.

 Many will never go back to the way things were, nor should they. If you have the key to Shangri-La, then by all means, use it. Experience the finer things in life, because life is just too short to let them pass you by.  We must grab life by the horns, and enjoy the majesty of CBD with movie snacks and a movie, and bask in the warm glow of the unending joy it has the potential to bring those who maintain the veracity, the vigor, and the tenacity to be so moderately indulgent, yet so very satisfied. So I say go forth unto the world, order your CBD and popcorn, get your sofa nice and comfy, and enjoy the short life you have by basking in the glory of this truly remarkable combination.