Poker has always been fogged with myths, superstitious gamblers have spread lots of misconceptions and myths regarding video poker. As rumors spread like wildfire, this is no exception. The biggest myths that engulf video poker, as well as slots, are that, since a machine has not given a decent payout, it will produce a mammoth win. The myth is completely false from every perspective. This is a gamblers’ fallacy. A machine is run by a microprocessor, and the end result comes out randomly. More overhand is a spate event. The machine does not interlink one hand with another, so this perception is completely erroneous.


Another misconception among wager prevails always hit the max button to bet a maximum number of coins per hand. There is no guarantee that you will receive optimal hand if you wager a maximum number of credits. Nevertheless, it is factual that almost all video poker machine pays a large bonus for a royal flush when you activate the highest number of credits. Again it is true a royal flush does not appear frequently, and the bonus feature significantly lowers the house edge of the casino. Another myth related to video poker is if you click the deal or draw button, the probability of a win increases significantly. Some wagers use a stopwatch and hit the button after a specific time period others push the button when the light in the casino is throbbing. The concept is absolutely ludicrous as the machines have nothing to do with the time of the stopwatch of the player or flickering lights of the casino.

Video poker looks like slot bit not so

Many people believe video poker to be a slot machine or a regular poker. The game has many similarities with Solitaire, a factor many people do not consider. Wagers who think it is very similar to slot implies no strategies at all. Whereas who think it to be a regular poker applies strategies that are relevant to real live poker but have no applicability in video poker. Video poker machines have a high rate of payback, which range from 90to 92%. If you use the perfect strategy, the payback can extend up to 98%. It is a stimulating game as you have to decide which card to discard and which one to hold.

Play with a smaller stake

When you play online video poker, the minimum bets are much lower than the brick and mortar ones. You can play with little as $0.5 per hand. With small stakes, you can enjoy the game for hours. If you are wagering for fun and entertainment, video poker is the ideal choice. When you play video poker logging into a reputable online casino from thee, you can indulge in sport betting like boxing betting. There are wide varieties of video poker games to choose from. There are more than 21 variants of the game. You will able to play other live casino games over there. As the variety is wide and opulent, it is hard to decide which one to play.