There are movies that are just a must-watch kind for every student. Here, we have collected the best Asian movies about high school and college. They don’t just show every aspect of students` life and study. The ideas behind every movie are deep. Every film provides you with inspiration, motivation, and a will to live.

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

“My ID Is Gangnam Beauty” is a movie that discusses something common. What is beauty and how it shall be assessed? While everybody in the college believes that being beautiful is important, she meets him and this meeting changes her attitude to beauty and life in general.

Dream High

This is a movie about young people dreaming about becoming stars. With this purpose, they start their studies in an art school. This movie is inspiring, a little bit sad, and very easy-to-watch. If you are young, ambitious, and love some drama while not being too stressed, this is the best movie for you.

Boys over Flowers

“Boys over Flowers” movie is one of the best college dramas. It tells an incredible story when a poor girl falls in love with a rich boy, a representative of one of the most prosperous families in the country. A wonderful cast and iconic scenes have made this movie one of the best college dramas ever.

A-Teen 2

One more movie worth your attention. Here, the topics of college admission and love are mixed in an interesting and engaging plot. While academic activity and preparation for a special college entrance test are the main activities of the teens, they are still open for feelings: love, friendship. Even though soon, for many of them, assignment problems will take one of the major places in life, they still find some time for other activities. Well, they will be able to count on to help with writing tasks and other educational challenges. And for now, this movie can inspire you and your friends to enter the best colleges in your country.

Orange Marmalade

This one is definitely one more movie worth watching, especially if you are a fan of vampire movies. People and vampires coexist in a mystical world. A touching love story is included, too. The movie will for sure keep you entertained until its last minute.

Cheese in the Trap

“Cheese in the Trap” is a college drama with a very specific plot. A young girl is the only one who can see the real nature of her “sunbae” who hides his dangerous and controversial nature behind a friendly and charming smile. There are many things to think about, and the movie attracts attention with its controversy and special characters.

Asian school and college movies are special. They not only tell nice stories, but they also motivate, teach and inspire. This is the reason they are attracting increasing attention.