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Trailer: #ALIVE by Jo Il-hyeong

The Korean film industry has done rather well with the zombie genre. They put them on a Train headed to Busan, placed them in the Joseon period in “Rampant” and the Netflix drama “Kingdom” and domesticated one in “The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale”. Now, it seems the zombies have trapped people in buildings in 's debut film “#ALIVE”.


A city is infected by a mysterious virus, which causes the city to spiral out of control. Joon-Woo and Yoo-Bin struggle to survive in an isolated apartment complex from those infected with the virus. Everything including internet, phone, and electricity has been disconnected around the apartment.

The film pairs a blonde Yoon Ah-in (“Burning”) with (“Heart Blackened”) for the first time. It is scheduled to release in June, 2020.

Please Note: This trailer is best viewed on a handheld device, like a mobile phone or a tablet.

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