A real-life group that lived in the mountains of Japan, the legendary Sanka tribe existed as nomads for decades before suddenly disappearing in the 1960s. Taking place as a coming-of-age story from that legendary tribe, director Ryohei Sasatani crafts a new movie that deals with more important topics as well.


The story takes place during the 60’s and revolves around Norio, a high school student, who has moved from Tokyo, with his father, to his grandmother’s house in the mountains, in order to have more time to study. His father is considered a hero for the village, since his manufacturing company has recently undertaken a significant project, of turning a large part of the mountainous forest to a golf course. Norio’s mother died in the mountains some years ago, and the relationship between father and son is quite tense, particularly since the former pressures Norio intently to study and get to a good university. One day, Norio stumbles upon Shozo, a Sanka, his daughter, Hana and her grandmother, who eventually fill all the gaps he had in his life. The clash with his father, however, is inevitable.



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