Getting Ready For Departure: 8 Days To Go!

In times when Ibiza seems further away than ever and, in the interest of the environment and ourselves, flying should be avoided anyway, Vienna Shorts offers you virtual excursions and expeditions as an alternative to geographically distant destinations: In only 8 days the 17th edition of Vienna Shorts will start – online and completely touch-free, with a renewed program structure and maybe an opportunity for well-tempered escapism or two! The complete travel guide is now available on the official website, the ticket to ride (festival pass for 9 euros, only in Austria) is also available from today. Pack your shorts, you’re off to a sea of tulips!

© Spring Break (Total Refusal)

Festivaltrailer 2020: A Digital Spring Break

We have shed our shyness about virtual space and its (so far) unlit corners – but the festival trailer by the Austrian artists’ collective Total Refusal (Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner and Michael Stumpf) will make you doubt again what awaits us beyond the digital tulip field. Spring Break shows a virtual world, in contrast to the pandemically dangerous and endangered outside world, in which flowers bloom (pollen-free!) and no park is closed off: a supposedly safe alternative to public space, but in the background it’s already burning. Total Refusal are also represented in the competition with How To Disappear and with the live performance Operation Jane Walk. Refusal useless!

Expedition 1: Porträts Von Périot, Pavlátová Und Renoldner

Embark on a exploratory journey through the film work of three impressive artists: Jean-Gabriel Périot, a French filmmaker with a radical spirit and exceptional talent in the field of found-footage cinema, is the subject of two programs. Animation director Michaela Pavlátová enchants with her spontaneous, expressive drawing style and a number of award-winning films. And the Austrian luminary in the field of experimental animation and our long-time program team member, Thomas Renoldner, is being celebrated by us on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Three portraits, three artists, endless things to discover!

© The Speech (Haohao Yan)

Expedition 2: Fairness, Pandemic & Audience Favorites

Focus, please: Besides all the fun on the expeditions, Vienna shorts, as a film festival is of course also (self-)obliged to act as fair and responsible as possible. Focus: Fair Enough? deals with questions of in/equality, in/justice, un/social working conditions as well as un/sustainable production methods and thus topics that are and must be discussed especially in times of crisis. Talking about crisis: the topic: Co vadis, pandemic? takes a closer look at developments of the past weeks and months – the phases of isolation, the absence of the cinema space (!!!), the escape into the digital realm and the longing for (your) closeness. And because you’re our favorite audience, we’re also showing audience Favorites.

Late Night Expedition: Musik Liegt In Der Luft!

If your heart got a little heavy during the last expedition, a nightly trip to our virtual stage will surely bring a smile to your exemplarily masked face: In addition to the tried and tested trash film programme Très Chic and the horror short films Nightmares, the Late Night will also feature a dazzling musical program under the title Dancing Screen for the first time! And there will be even more music: The international music videos invite you to a virtual escape into tonal (dis)harmonies on FM4 under the title Streams Are My Reality. Tune in!

© Vienna Shorts, Sandrino Weghofer

Vienna Short Support: Superfly – Your Soul Radio

Flying is not really hip at the moment (for several reasons), but Superfly always is (and not just because it’s one of the radio partners)! Soulful sounds are the perfect soundtrack for travelling in your mind and studying the programme. Your acoustic flight attendants are available in and around Vienna on the frequency 98.3, for everyone on!

Vienna Short Support:

With the pigeon in the logo (and as the spirit animal) Vienna Shorts is exploring the best Heurigen across the most beautiful hiking trails and the newest Vienna City Pubs. You will visit exhibitions, restaurants and cultural events – mostly in Vienna but also in other parts of Austria. Follow on Instagram and Facebook to always keep informed about what is going on in our favorite city.

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