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Latest news and offers from Terracotta, February 2021

Now you can begin to look forward to the upcoming Year of the Ox, already Terracotta has been adding a host of new Third Window titles available to purchase on their store, such as punk adventure Fish Story and Sion Sono’s epic, Love Exposure. You can see the list of new additions here.

Recently they have released the culinary yakuza story, Tokyo Dragon Chef, on DVD and VOD. And you can pre-order one of 2,000 limited edition copies of Meatball Machine with slipcase of illustrated artwork and specially commissioned extra features.

Continuing with the celebrations, they are also offering our readers a 15% discount on our DVD and blu-ray store if you use code LNY21 – valid until 11.59pm on the 12th February UK time. 

Finally, sister label Sharp Teeth Films is releasing Butchers, a Wrong Turn / Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque horror on VOD 22nd Feb and on DVD on 8th March.

VOD Spotlight

Each month Terracotta showcases three titles on their VOD platform. This month there is action, horror and drama.

1) Jackie Chan: Project A
Jackie enrols in Her Majesty’s marine police corps, during 19th century British colonial Hong Kong in this action comedy. Unforgettable scenes like the bar fight with Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Jackie all slugging it and the infamous clock tower stunt.

2) Yoga
A mysterious intensive yoga retreat for five students tests their limits when, in addition to full-on yoga, they must resist various temptations presented to them. And in time honoured grindhouse film tradition, inevitably unpleasant fates befall them when they break the rules…

3) Independencia
Set in the Philippines during the start of the American Occupation in the early 1900s, Raya Martin’s film, shot entirely in black and white, revolves around three generations of a family who flees the impending conflict in the city and tries to survive in the jungle.

The Young Master (1980)

DVD and Blu-ray

The Young Master (88 min, released on 22nd February)
Now being released in a deluxed limited edition blu-ray, The Young Master was Jackie’s second film as director, and he used it as a showcase to demonstrate just what he could do. 

He plays ‘Dragon’ who undertakes a mission to find his missing brother, and gets into plenty of scrapes along the way – not least being mistaken for a criminal that the authorities are very keen to put behind bars…

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