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Bad Accent Video Review: Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju No. 8 (2024) by Shigeyuki Miya and Tomomi Kamiya

Panos Kotzathanasis talks about Kaiju No 8, counts the many ‘loans’ the series takes and mentions how it manages to stand out, and the astonishing technical aspect of the series.

You can read an alternative written review here.

About the author

Adriana Rosati

On paper I am an Italian living in London, in reality I was born and bread in a popcorn bucket. I've loved cinema since I was a little child and I’ve always had a passion and interest for Asian (especially Japanese) pop culture, food and traditions, but on the cinema side, my big, first love is Hong Kong Cinema. Then - by a sort of osmosis - I have expanded my love and appreciation to the cinematography of other Asian countries. I like action, heroic bloodshed, wu-xia, Shaw Bros (even if it’s not my specialty), Anime, and also more auteur-ish movies. Anything that is good, really, but I am allergic to rom-com (unless it’s a HK rom-com, possibly featuring Andy Lau in his 20s)"

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