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Yen Press Reveals Manga Box Set for Complete Delicious in Dungeon Series

All 14 volumes of Delicious in Dungeon to be released in an appetizing box set.

NEW YORK, NY (7/5/24)—At Anime Expo 2024, Yen Press, LLC revealed the upcoming release of : The Complete Box Set. Delicious in Dungeon took over Anime Expo 2024, boosted by the attendance of the creator Ryoko Kui as a guest of honor, marking her first visit to a North American convention. With unique and appealing art and a fun food-filled story, Delicious in Dungeon has been one of the most popular manga series from publisher Yen Press for years. Following the January 2024 release of the anime adaptation on Netflix, Delicious in Dungeon has become one of the most popular properties in the world of manga and anime.

Delicious in Dungeon: The Complete Box Set
By Ryoko Kui

Feast upon a smorgasbord of monstrous cuisine in this delectable spread of all 14 volumes of Delicious in Dungeon! Join Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi as they delve into the depths to save their lost comrade—and stuff themselves silly in the process! And if all that doesn't whet your appetite, this box set even includes an exclusive poster for dessert!

The box set is designed to look like the mimic treasure chest shown in the manga. Opening the front door panels reveals a mimic monster printed on another panel that folds down to show the books. Along with the complete 14-volume series, this box set includes a giant poster featuring all the monsters from the back covers of individual volumes.

Delicious in Dungeon was introduced to the English-speaking world by Yen Press in 2017, a time in which fantasy stories with a fresh spin on the genre were few and far between. In recent years, many similar works with fun interpretations of beloved fantasy tropes and concepts have been created, but Delicious in Dungeon has remained one of the most popular to date. The anime adaptation has brought its popularity to a new level, giving the series mainstream awareness among manga and anime fans as well as a crossover audience of western fantasy and RPG fans. The many passionate fans of Delicious in Dungeon's colorful cast and eccentric twists on fantasy storytelling and RPGs can soon dig into the delectable dungeon crawler with this beautiful all-in-one collection.

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