Philadelphia, pa. 2013. Northstar Visions, releases action drama, Last Days The Saga

Firstly, i would like to thank Kaloni Davis for personally sending me a sneak peak of his latest project “Last Days- The Saga”. Last Days is Directed/Written/Starring and Choreographed by Kaloni Davis and believe me, with what i have seen, you are in for one hell of a series.

Last Days also features Martial Arts star Robert Samuels, who always as great screen presence. Robert has featured in movies with the likes of Sammo Hung (Gambling Ghost/Dont Give A Damn). Dax Richardson, Dionne Stone and Jillian Santacroce also star and do excellent jobs.


Also on hand to help with the fight choreography is Robert Jefferson, you can tell Robert and Kaloni worked very well together putting the fight scenes together with some great hand to hand combat, putting the actors in some terrific scenes and pushing there skills to the max with some explosive sequences.

the film follows Michael, an assassin highly trained by an underground extremist group, who is assigned to eliminate prominent members of the Christian community. after a spiritual encounter with one of his targets, Michael is determined to bring down his
own organization.


First Look At Last Days
The director (Kaloni Davis) seems to have captured the characters emotions during Last Days, the camera angels he has chosen in certain scenes brings that grittiness to the series. We have people leaping over cars, shootouts, one on one fight scenes, we basically have everything we need to keep us very much entertained. Kaloni Davis is the Writer, Director, DP, Editor and Lead Choreographer of the film, bringing such talent to the table, i am sure he will go far.

The main character looks to go through a whole series of events, running from his enemies, being chased down by the police, you can feel the torment and pain and Kaloni certainly shows that with his acting ability. It is also great to see martial art star Robert Samuels back on the screen, as a fan of of his since the 90’s, i seen him take on legends such as Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. The fight between Robert and Kaloni delivers hard, fast paced action, with both guys throwing everything out there. Great hand to hand combat, some very nice kicks and that’s down to the two actors and also Robert Jefferson who was on hand with the camera at the time and also helped on the choreography.

Robert Jefferson is a filmmaker, actor, writer, and martial artist born and raised in Yeadon PA, a tiny suburb of Philadelphia. He attended New York University’s prestigious Tiisch School of Performing Arts film program. He is the former protege/kung fu student of Bobby Samuels H.K.S.A. and an up and coming action director in his own right. Robert is also the father of two boys and one girl.

The overall feel to me is everyone gives 100% in there roles, from the director, the actors, the script and action scenes. They also use strobe lighting in some of the action scenes which works very well, bringing in a new feel to the danger already on screen.

We have a good team of people working together on this project and i really hope it gets out there to a bigger audience so more people experience it.

NorthStar visions is a Philadelphia based indie company whos goal is to blend an expertise in film, music and inspirational messages to create eye catching, thought provoking, entertainment – and it certainly does just that.


Kaloni Davis Bio

Kaloni Davis’ acting career began in Philadelphia of the U.S were he first starred as Reuben in ‘Joe Tuners Come and Gone “ at the Bushfire theater Directed by Al Simpkins. He then went on to study theater at the Creative and Performing Arts High School under the coaching of well-respected director Mel Williams. Since then, Kaloni has acted in a number of off Broad Way productions from the Arts bank in Philadelphia to the Theater of a New Generation in New York.

While studying video production at CAPA, he developed a deep love for cinema and later went on to graduate from Temple University’s film school. Kaloni has accumulated a number of professional credits while freelancing as a cinematographer/editor. He began directing music videos, commercials for small companies and films in 2006. In 2010 he wrote and directed his first independent feature film titled “The Visit”. The film focuses on the main character Derrick, who is being haunted by spirits during a chronic case of sleep paralysis.

Kaloni’s most recent project is an action web-series titled “Last Days The Saga” which follows a highly trained assassin named Michael. During the series Michael makes the transition into a special connection with his targets. As a martial artist himself, Kaloni plays Michael in the film and choreographs the fights with the assistant Robert Jefferson (who plays Oros). Since the beginning of Kaloni’s career he has loved every bit of it and aspires to continue telling his stories to the world.

Final Thoughts
I am hoping for great things with Last Days and i hope to see all the actors involved go on to great things during there careers. So please check this movie out in the near future and enjoy one hell of a ride with pure action. HIT



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