The legendary director Tsui Hark is back and this time brings us the second movie in the Detective Dee series. The first movie seen legendary actor Andy lau take up the role, but this time he is not taking part, the cast includes Mark Chao, Lin Gengxin, William Feng, Angelababy and Kim Bum who makes his Chinese movie debut.

Tsui Hark went on to speak about the new cast and also about Andy lau, “Selecting a new group of cast members requires courage. Three years ago, very few commercial blockbusters would select a cast full of young actors. In the past, Andy Lau portrayed Detective Dee as a perfect man. This time, I decided to split his talent with three people. Mark portrays the young Detective Dee with great judgment and wisdom. William and Lin Gengxin portray a kung fu master and a medical healer respectively.” Furthermore, the film’s theme will be romance, but besides love, it is also focuses on friendship”.

Release Date: September 28