Written and Directed By:Adrian Castro
Produced By:Maria Tran
DOP:Justin Gong
Fight Choreographer:Trung Ly
Cinematographer:Justin Gong
Make-up Artist:Taylor Davis

Tiger Cop is a fine example of the classic 1980’s Chinese Martial Art genre. If you are fans of Yukari Oshima, Moon Lee and Cynthia Rothrock then this right up your street. Tiger Cop is two sets of extravagant trailers which pays homage to them movies and stars which brought us hard-hitting fight scenes over the years.

Maria Tran plays the new inspector on the force and right away she gets into trouble when introduced to her new partner. It’s a very well choreographed fight scene showcasing Maria’s hand to hand combat, the art of blocking and some very nice kicks. Maria really mixes it up, when watching the fights it takes me back to watching movies such as Angels, Outlaw brothers, Yes Madam and more. Maria Tran had this to say about the film genre and about women in the martial arts movie industry.

I grew up watching my favorite action on-screen heroines such as Cynthia Rothrock, Michelle Yeoh and of course Moon Lee. Women don’t pursue the martial arts action film genre with vigor like they use to but I hope to be the next generation that continues the legacy that was forged and showcase the strength in women in the film industry“.

I hope these clips will generate an online audience and ideally, if it can reach out to a supporter who may back up Tiger Cop as either a feature or web series“. Say Maria.

Director Adrian Castro
Director Adrian Castro

This very talented team have been making their own movies for a few years now, from the Director Adrian Castro, Maria Tran, Trung Ly, Justin Gong and many more. You can feel the connection between them all with every project they release, Adrian must believe in his actors and also the actors in him and the rest of the crew.

Adrian Castro is a very talent film maker, he did the writing, directing, editing, VFX and sound design on these trailers and did a fantastic job. He grew up falling in love with Hong Kong cinema and use to watch many movies in Chinatown, Sydney. He sees that there’s a quality in this genre that is quite a challenge to replicate and there’s a level of action energy that you don’t get from a lot of the mega budget movies today.

Adrian Castro says “I decided to make tiger cop as part of my five-minute cinema because I love 80’s Hong kong cinema. A super no budget five-minute short recreating the look and style and the iconic sounds of 80s hong kong cinema. Together with my team we managed to smash it out in four days“.

Trung Ly with Maria Tran and Adrian Castro
Trung Ly with Maria Tran and Adrian Castro

The fight choreographer is Trung Ly, very good at what he does and always gets the best of out the actors during the fight scenes. I love the use of the camera, we get to see some nice wide shots and some good action before the camera angle changes and when it does, it catches the action perfectly. Trung is the fight choreographer on the upcoming Death Mist movie and will also play a small part as the “referee”.

To see more of his great work check out Hit Girls, Fist of the Dragon, Enter the Dojo, Maximum Choppage (Tv series) and more.

In Tiger Cage 2, Leo Fong plays the villain. A Yuen Wah role which you would see in the 80’s with Dragons Forever, usage of the cigar to show the character is cool and in control. We have Craig Ferguson playing the Chief Superintendent, Joshua Tieu (Lao, is fantastic in the action sequences showcasing some great kicking skills, acrobatics and fighting multiple guys at one time. I Have to also give credit to the stunt guys, some nice falls, flips, jumps and also reactions in the fight scenes showcasing their talent.

The posters for Tiger Cop 1-2 are classic 1980’s style, love them.

Tiger Cop 2 Poster

Tiger Cop 1 Poster

MARIA TRAN: Inspector Chan
CRAIG ANDERSON: Chief Superintendent Anderson
HOWARD LAM: Police Officer
LEO FONG: Boss Wah
IAN TRAN: Henchman 1
DUY HO: Henchman 2
JAK NU: Henchman 3
THINH HOANG: Henchman 4
ANTHONY TRAN: Henchman 5
TONY DO: Henchman 5

Song – “Awaken The Dragon” by Leo Fong

Special Thanks:
Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts
Michael Severino
Jusmedia Film Productions
Mike Leeder
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