Hero or villain, a Sammo Hung movie will always win. He never fails to deliver a passionate execution in true martial arts flair. Rise of the Legend places Hung toe to toe with Eddie Peng in a bloody battle of skill and youth. True to his renowned name, Sammo Hung aggressively tackles the role of Master Lui bringing to life a ruthless and intelligent leader. Even with comparatively few actual fight scenes, he still illuminates the screen whenever he’s on. His performance was powerful and bad-ass. I both rooted for him and hated him. Hung and Peng are joined by Angelbaby and Luodan Wang. Both were fierce in their respective roles.

in the fire

Eddie Peng is incredible as Wong Fei Hung, also known as Little Fei. Little Fei and his sworn brother, Fiery played by Boran Jing, made a fervent vow to one another to use the rage from the loss of their father to save people rather than to seek vengeance. After years of learning martial artist from a mountain monk, the brothers set out with an intricate scheme designed to take down an evil gang lord. Of the two, fate chose Little Fei to become the fourth Tiger of the Black Tiger Gang, headed by Master Lui. As Orchid, a lovely courtesan supporting Little Fei’s cause, Angelbaby’s limitless beauty peppered the screen as her character comforted and cajoled. Playing a more active role in the vicious game of cat and mouse, Luodan Wang stood among the men effortlessly as Chun, an elegant coldblooded force to be reckoned with.

fist to eye

When the opening scene of any movie begins with thick blood dissolving into water, you know you’ve probably made a good choice. Intense fight sequences in slow motion give an up close and personal feeling. Creative shots of every vicious attack strengthened by precision sound effects and high definition computer graphics ensure you won’t miss any part of the action. More importantly, camera placement and management is excellent with multiple views including first person and bird’s eye views. Vivid colors splash around mixing in well with blood and sweat. Even the harshest of critics shouldn’t be able to find much wrong with this film.

CoolHappyMe Rating: 5 Stars (and a Hell Yeah because a Sammo Hung movie will always win)

hung and peng