The awards were first presented in 1976, from the sports newspaper Hochi Shinbun, currently named Sports Hochi. The voters include readers of the newspaper and a committee of Japanese film critics.

This year’s ceremony was held on December 20th, at Prince Park Hotel, in Tokyo, and the winners were:

Best Picture: Her Love Boils Bathwater (Ryota Nakano)
Best International Picture: Creed (Ryan Coogler)
Best Actor: Tomokazu Miura (Katsuragi Case)
Best Actress: Rie Miyazawa (Her Love Boils Bathwater)
Best Supporting Actor: Go Ayano (Rage)
Best Supporting Actress: Hana Sugisaki (Her Love Boils Bathwater)
Best New Artist: Takanori Iwata (Evergreen Love) Ryota Nakano (Her Love Boils Bathwater)
Special Award: Your Name
Best Director: Lee Sang-il (Rage)