Kim ok-bin and Shin Ha-kyun in The Villainess
Kim ok-bin and Shin Ha-kyun in The Villainess (2017) (Source:

The Villainess, the stylish South Korean revenge action thriller by director Jung Byung-gil, will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray from November 21 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The film has wowed fans for its relentless action sequences often shot from a unique first person perspective, and the choreography of these scenes would be one of the extra features in the DVD and Blu-Ray.

Kim Ok-bin in The Villainess (2017)
Kim Ok-bin in The Villainess (2017) (Source:

Famously described as “equal parts Kill Bill, La Femme Nikita, and John Wick” by Screen Anarchy, The Villainess stars Kim Ok-bin (Thirst, The Front Line) in the career-defining role of Sook-hee, honed from childhood into a merciless killing machine by a criminal organization. She is recruited as a sleeper agent by a government agency with the promise of eventual freedom, but secrets from her past end up destroying her chance for a normal life. With nothing left to lose, she embarks on a roaring rampage of revenge against the man who knows her all too well. The film also features Shin Ha-kyun (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance) and Sung Joon (Horror Stories 2, Pluto) in vital roles.

The Villainess had its world premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May 2017, where it received a four-minute standing ovation. It has also won the Daniel E. Craft Award for Excellence in Action Cinema at the 16th New York Film Festival in June-July and the silver in the Best Action Feature Film category at the 21st Fantasia International Film Festival at Montreal in July-August.

The DVD and Blu-Ray are available for pre-order on Amazon. For more information on the release, please visit You can also follow Well Go USA on Facebook and Twitter for updates on their releases.

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