Hong Kong director Dante Lam made some excellent crime thrillers like ‘Beast Cops’, ‘Beast Stalker’ and ‘The Stool Pigeon’ before helming the mega-budgeted war movie ‘Operation Mekong’ last year.

‘Operation Mekong’ was a huge hit in China and Lam is now back with the follow-up film ‘Operation Red Sea’, which is about a Chinese army rescue mission that took place in the Middle East.

Official synopsis: The Jiaolong Assault Team, one of the special forces of the world’s largest military force, People’s Liberation Army, is given a potentially fatal assignment, leading a small eight-man unit to evacuate Chinese residents from a North African republic in the throes of a coup d’état.

‘Operation Red Sea’ is due for release towards the end of the year and you can check out the film’s first exciting trailer below!



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