Director Zahir Omar has completed production on his debut feature “Fly By Night”. The gritty neo-noire film, which follows a quartet of cabbies from Kuala Lampur that use their skills to create an extortion ring, stars Sunny Pang (“Headshot”) as the leader of the low-key gang.

Since making its debut at the Busan International Film Festival, “Fly By Night” has gone on to screen at various festivals, including NYAFF, where AMP got a chance to review the film. The film is awaiting a domestic release, a trailer for the film was previously released and can be viewed below.


In the colourful underworld of Kuala Lumpur crime, Tai Lo likes to keep things low-key — from the taxi he drives to the extortion ring he runs. When Sai Lo, his wild card younger brother, unleashes a trail of destruction that involves everyone from the triads to the cops, Tai Lo goes for broke to pull of this one last heist… (Good Move Media)