ust as many cultures believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so also are movies a kind of transcript of people’s cultures and beliefs. Although an essay on movies, just like any kind of essay, would be exhaustive, exploring movie essay examples such as those of the Asians can be a great lesson in their culture. In other words, essays about movies are examples of ways we can get a glimpse of the life of Asians.

Being the world’s largest continent, it is expected to harbor diverse cultures and beliefs. Conducting a one-by-one analysis of the Asian culture may be somehow cumbersome, but one way to bypass the stress may be to sit back and take a look at some prominent Asian movies. You can get good research topics for your essay or other sort of paper and enough examples to back up your claim.

Follow closely with these Asian movies samples as they have a lot to teach about the people’s culture.

Movies about Asian Culture in Lists

Asian Cultures List 1: In the Heat of the Sun

Released in 1994, this movie had Beijing (China’s capital) as its plot. It centers on a young boy called Ma Xiaojun and his teenage friends. They were busy bustling and enjoying absolute freedom at a time when China was undergoing a significant moment towards modernity.

While the parents of these young boys were immensely carried away by the ongoing Revolution, these youngsters were absolutely free and took things in their stride. They formed rival groups and fought among themselves a playful mood. After that, they spent some moments beholding beautiful damsels and having fun.

Among other lessons, this movie X-rays the double dimension of the revolution that shook China a few years back. While Parents and adults were fighting hard to define their values and ideals, young children were busy enjoying life unscathed. Eventually, the effort of the parents yielded results and became a reality.

Today, the history of China can never be closed without a mention of the Cultural Evolution Era, and a free example of movies that highlight happenings at this time is this.

Asian Cultures List 2: Raise the Red Lantern

To understand what Chinese women take love to be, you’ve got to check out this movie. It’s all about a certain Songlian, a university chap, whose mother died and source of income perished. The aftermath of this double strategy saw the young lady being forcefully married to a 50-year old enough to be her father. However, this Chinese man was wealthy and had four other wives.

Having many wives, the affluent man picks who he sleeps with every night, and after the encounter, he lavishes the lucky woman with several goodies. And expected in a polygamous setting, rivalry among these women came up, and Songlian found herself in the midst of its conspiracies and intrigues.

As you watch the movie, you will get a clear perception of the Chinese ideal of love, especially as perceived by their women. The work also elucidates on the fate of women in those dark days of China’s history. While modernity has surely taken over today’s China, this past treatment of women can help form your research opinion of how men view and treat women in the Asian country today. The struggle for gains among the wives can equally teach you something about why Chinese generally value topics of profit regardless of the venture.

Asian Culture List 3: The Housemaid

This is a Korean movie featuring a composer in his middle age bearing Dong-Sik. His wife became pregnant, and they both have two kids on the ground already. As such, it became somehow challenging for Dong-Sik to care for his children and wife at this time. What would he do? He decided to employ a housemaid.

As things turned out, the lady that was supposed to be a housemaid started seducing the man of the house. This came to the knowledge of the wife and marked the beginning of a love tussle between the estranged woman and the real housewife. Both began to put their love gimmicks into place to exact the highest influence on the unsuspecting man.

The narrative of this work was so intriguing that 50 years after its release, the renowned website acknowledges it as among the leading movies in Korea. Again, it shows, Koreans’ attitude towards sexual obsession, family, and manipulations.

Asian Culture List 4: A City of Sadness

This movie narrates the experience of the people of Taiwan between the years 1945 and 1949, which was the period Taiwan broke away from China. The movie presents a family known as the Lin family. There are three brothers, and the eldest known as Wen Heung came back from the battle to set up a restaurant which he named “Little Shanghai.” He did this to show his honor for China.

The second brother, by the name Wen Leung, ran mad during his course of duty. As a result of this, he was unable to secure a meaningful job, turning him into a societal rascal. Wen Shun, the third brother, was based in the Philippines. Throughout the play, these three characters demonstrate the lack of effective communication and its consequences.

Asian Culture List 5: Not One Less

This is one of the Chinese movies that tells how education in the rural areas of this country looks like. One of the elementary school teachers named Shuiwan had to go for a month break. In his absence, there is only a person that can hold forth for him, and that is a 13-year old Wei. Prime on the mandate of Wei was to ensure that none of the kids in her care leave.

Bad for Wei, the kids were not cooperative, and one of them, Zhang wondered away. Wei had to embark on a sort of adventure to restore this errant kid back. From the movie, you can envision how education in rural China can be very challenging to tutors.

With this list at hand, writing essays about movies shouldn’t be the problem for you. In fact, it’s a good list to follow not only in terms of essay writing but for getting to know Asian culture better in general.