Neighbors’ is a 2014 comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller. The plot revolves around the life of a couple whose life gets disrupted by the their new neighbors who happen to be fraternity members. As a result, conflict between the neighbors arises.

This movie is a great example of what college life is really like, especially when a university has fraternal organizations. The connotations of fraternities differ depending on the particular school in question. Such companionships are created based on the same academic, religious, political or social interests. What is more, fraternities are often a representation of a secret society at college. A lot of film and television school projects focus on the problem of carelessness and violence that exist in fraternities. To become a member, a student is asked to complete a series of tasks to prove their loyalty to the club. Some of those tasks are brutal and insulting to others. However, the administration of colleges tends to ignore this problem.

The issue of a careless way of life led by so many students has been very topical in the 90s. However, there was a rather long break in Hollywood cinema making when such films were not made. ‘Neighbors’ brings the viewers back to this issue even though it is done in a very comical way. Perhaps,   trying not to focus too much on this topic in films works better than making a documentary about it. Anyway, watching a movie the plot of which centers around a rather important issue in the student community if a great learning tactic. The more knowledge you acquire, the faster you will be able to come up with solutions.

One of the most negative effects of fraternities is social exclusivity. Non-members are viewed as outsiders which creates a division within the college community. Fraternities advise their members not to socialize with those who are not a part of a club. It leads to a very unhealthy environment within the college community, and has its negative impact on the studying process. Excessive alcohol consumption is another huge problem associated with fraternities. There are too many parties during which everyone drinks alcohol, including underage students. Such lifestyle leads to alcohol addiction, not to mention numerous alcohol-related injuries or alcohol poisoning. Apart from that, being a fraternity member means spending a lot of time getting everything ready for parties or helping with fundraisers. As a result, a student has less time on studies which has a negative impact on their grades. Fraternity members usually have a problem keeping up with their academic workload. However, the society does not need a bunch of fraternity members. What the society needs is an expert with valuable knowledge in one or a few areas who will make the world we live in more developed and comfortable for everyone. In other words, a student goes to university to acquire knowledge and experience. Organizing fraternity parties and hanging out at them all year round will not help you reach all your goals.

However, not all students have to deal with fraternities in their educational institutions. Some colleges do not have any secret societies. Besides, their students wouldn’t have time for these activities anyway. In case you are currently studying at one of such colleges and are desperately looking for statistic assignment help, address your request to a finance statistics expert. You will receive useful advice, learn more about paper writing and solve your writing problem right away. Statistic help online is a real thing. You just need to choose a service you can fully rely on.