I thoroughly enjoyed Lee Gye-byeok’s last outing as a director, the body-swap comedy “Luck.Key”. As well as a genuinely funny script, it benefitted massively from lead actor Yoo Hae-jin’s immaculate comic timing and awkward action scenes. He follows up that film this year with the upcoming “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee” (not to be confused with the 2012 film of the same name). Interestingly, the posters for the two films look very alike.

Posters for “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee” (left) and “Luck.Key” (right)


Cheol-soo has a perfect appearance, but he is a man of low intelligence. One day, his daughter Saet-byeol appears in front of him. Saet-byeol has been sick and she has been in the hospital. They start together on a trip.

Lee Gye-byeok has yet another charismatic lead in Cha Seung-won (“Believer”, “Man on High Heels”), who will be playing the titular Lee Cheol-soo. Joining him will be child actor Uhm Chae-young (“The Great Actor”) as his daughter Saet-byeol and his “Believer” co-star Park Hae-joon. The film will be out in September, 2019 in South Korea.