Half-way through, 2019 has already seen a spate of horror films released in South Korea. After “Watching”, “0.00MHz” and the upcoming “The Diving Fury”, which is due at the end of this month, the next horror film lined up is director Kim Hong-seon’s “Metamorphosis”.


An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to save him.

Kim Hong-seon comes with a good track record, having previously made hit films like “The Traffickers” and “The Chase”, in addition to “The Con Artists”. For “Metamorphosis”, he teams up with his “The Chase” actors Sung Dong-il and Baek Yoon-sik, with Bae Sung-woo (“The Swindlers”, “Inside Men”), Jang Young-nam (“Innocent Witness”, “The Negotiation”), Kim Hye-joon (“Another Child”, “Herstory”) and Jo Ji-hyun making up the rest of the family. The film is expected in South Korean cinemas in August, 2019.