Japan Society introduce their next President & CEO, Dr. Joshua W. Walker, who was unanimously approved by their Board of Directors. His official start date is December 2, 2019. 

Dr. Walker is a next-generation, innovative, global thinker with forward-leaning leadership approaches and the drive to make institutional impact. Truly bilingual and bi-cultural, he spent his formative years in Japan and came to the United States at the age of eighteen, with a unique life experience to match Japan Society’s mission.

Dr. Joshua W. Walker
Dr. Joshua W. Walker

A well-rounded individual, he brings to Japan Society expansive international experience, with prior roles in the private sector, academia, government and non-profits. Since 2017, he has been serving as the Head of Global Strategic Initiatives and Japan for Eurasia Group, where he has actively expanded their new business offerings, including leading the company’s first ever geopolitical summit in Japan. He is personally passionate about arts and culture and looks forward to supporting, expanding and enriching himself through our numerous programs. 

You can read more about Dr. Walker here

Of course, most transitions have a bittersweet side, and this is no exception. Japan Society’s current president, Motoatsu Sakurai, will be retiring on December 1 after serving more than ten years as the institution’s leader and prior to that, six years on the Board of Directors. He successfully guided Japan Society out of the recession of 2008, and with his leadership, effected a trajectory of upward growth and prosperity. The Board has given him the title of President Emeritus.

You will be hearing much more from Dr. Walker as he embarks on a deep organisational learning process and develops a dynamic, inspiring vision true to their mission.