What we get when we mix gambling and Asian movies? Well, we get the best Asian movies about gambling, obviously. But, there are hundreds of them and each one is appealing to a specific type of viewers. We were able to find 6 movies that must be on every single list with this theme. These movies are interesting, all about gambling and have so much more to offer. Make sure to watch all of them if possible.

From Vegas to Macau

From Vegas to Macau is a movie released in 2014 and it is a comedy. The main star in the movie is Chow Yun-fat but many others are present as well. In the movie, the story is focused on addictive gamblers who play to win as much money as well. But, this is a problematic action that involves plenty of casinos family ties and even gangsters. The sequel for the movie From Vegas to Macau II was released in 2015. You can find the best rated online gambling site at IrishCasinoHEX which is also present in the movie.

Tazza: The High Rollers

Tazza: The High Rollers is a Korean movie which has a deep and interesting story. The movie is completely based on manhwa or comic book Tajja, hence the name. The story of the movie follows the life of a gambler who is looking for a revenge. His family lost all the savings they had due to gambling and he must get some of it back. The movie is one of the most popular and the highest grossing developments from Korea.

The Conman

The Conman is an older movie released in 1998 and it follows the gambling and cons of the main character. The name describes all you need to know and you are able to enjoy this comedy/action movie. It was one of the Hong Kong Film Award nominate thanks to Nick Cheung. Additionally, we can add that the movie has a huge cast with wonderful characters.

Casino Raiders

This is probably the oldest movie on the list. The main characters are Crab Chan and Sam Law and they are best friends. But, they are also professional gamblers. The story of the movie follows their game and their travels all in order to win as much money as possible. The second part of the movie is focused on crime and the dark side. The story is detailed and deep. You will have to watch the entire movie in order to understand the topic and the movie.

God of Gamblers

God of Gamblers is a movie you will also find on any list of the kind. The main character is Chow Yun-fat and he is a professional gambler. But, he will travel and gamble high stake bets in order to become rich. But, then he suddenly loses his memory. This is a combination of a drama and comedy and hence a very suitable for viewers who want to laugh and have fun watching the movie with a detailed story. It was also released in 1989.

Kung Fu Mahjong

Kung Fu Mahjong is a movie from 2005 and probably one of the most popular movies in China. The main characters are Chi Mo Sai and Wong. The movie tells the story of the two starting when Chi Mo Sai learns about photographic memory Wong has. They try to master Mahjong and to win some cash. By the way, Chi Mo Sai is an obsessive gambler who seeks a way to get easy money every single day. The movie was so big success that it got the sequel the same year and the third part was released in 2007.

The final word

All of you who like gambling, online casinos and like movies (most of you) should invest a small amount of time to watch these movies. All of them are extremely appealing, fun and they come with a nice view of the gambling and so much more. Some movies will also raise your adrenaline levels thanks to wonderful scenes and dangerous moments. Last but not least, all of these movies feature some of the best actors in Asia. This should help you understand how popular they actually were.