Mark Houghton returns to our screens in this amazing Documentary about his Life, Movie career and the late, great Master Lau Kar Leung.

The journey we are taken on by Mark is something special, becoming interested in Martial Arts at the age of 14 after watching Bruce Lee movies, Mark’s life was about to change in ways even he couldn’t imagine.

Mark had bumped into a man called Willie Wong and wanted him to train him. But Willie sent Mark to Malaysia to stay with his relatives and to learn under a master called Ho Kam Wai. Ho kam Wai was a Hung Gar master and after a quick demonsstartion, Mark understood why he was a master.

The documentary shows a video recording of Ho Kam Wai at the age of 75 demonstarting Hung Gar, with Mark saying these words, “His passion for Kung Fu was unbelievable….he was an exceptional man

There is a part in the documentary where it gets a bit serious, as Mark speaks about a time he was attacked by a few guys which nearly killed him. It was 1991 (Malaysia), whilst eating in his hotel, he noticed a few guys at behind him. One of them noticed who Mark was and explained that his friend’s birthday was today and if it was possible to turn up at his party. Mark agreed to go, but once he arrived, he quickly knew something was wrong.

Mark went to the toilet and was followed by someone who warned Mark that the guys with him wanted to kill him. Mark was drunk after partying at the time and wasn’t sure if to believe him. When Mark returned, the guys quickly got heated and started to challenge Mark to a fight. Suddenly they pull knifes out and start to attack….Mark had to fight for his life, ending up with 400 stitches from the knife wounds.

I’ve had 3 attempts on my life

Mark Houghton on Sifu Lau Kar Leung

In this section of the documentary, Mark recalls the time he was fully accepted as a real disciple by Lau Kar Leung. He immediately grabbed some tea, dropped to his knees and handed him the tea for the ceremony. Mark then speaks about the passing of his Sifu, you can feel the pain through the screen, as he recounts stories from the past. “2013 was a sad year, I made a promise to a dying man. That dying man was my Sifu, Lau Kar Leung.”

Mark had promised Lau Kar Leung two things:

  • Go back to the movie industry as a fight choreographer
  • Start teaching Kung Fu again

You will be pleased to know Mark has now achieved this and kept his promise to his Sifu Lau Kar Leung, a very touching moment of this happens in the documentary and I thank Mark Houghton for sharing his feelings and views on his master and his career.

I dont want to give everything away from this amazing documentary “I Am The White Tiger”, so you will need to watch this for yourselves. He does go on to showcase his students’ Martial Art skills, we get a nice section on his daughter Charlene Houghton, a fantastic cage fighter and upcoming Martial Arts Actress.

Charlene Houghton

Final Thoughts

A great journey through the life and career of Mark Houghton. Mark really opens up on some tough times throughout his life, speaks about his career changing injury, which stopped him making movies and training which was his life.

Every Kung Fu movie fan should watch this documentary.




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