Taiwanese director Chang Tso-chi (“Thanatos, Drunk”, “The Best of Time”) latest film “Synapses” will be screening at the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam. This marks director Tso-chi’s fifth film to be included in the festivals program. A trailer for the production was recently made available, and can be viewed below.


When the young woman Xiao Meng comes out of prison, her father and her son do not recognize her. The first because he became demented in the six years she was detained, the second because he was just a baby when she was arrested at the hands of her bad boyfriend.

In the melancholic Taiwanese Synapses , her return hits the family out of control. While family members have to find a new balance, director Chang Tso-chi, (including Tiger Competition candidate Ah Chung and When Love Comes) is once again a keen observer of vulnerable human relationships.

The son tries to hatch a turkey egg, the demented father hopes to grasp memories by taking pictures with a camera without a roll, while the elusive nature of the advancing time is imminent. Synapse shows how life always goes on, and that families always end up around the same dining table. (IFFR)