South Korean production giants CJ Entertainment had quite a successful 2019. Beginning the year with “Extreme Job”, which benefitted from such a strong word-of-mouth that it went on two become the second most successful Korean film of all time at the domestic box office, their hit record continued later in the year with the record-breaking “Parasite” and furthered their commercial success for the year with the disaster comedy “Exit”. Their last film of the year, “Ashfall”, is still running successfully in the cinemas when promotions have already started for their next release and it looks as though they will be beginning 2020 as they ended 2019: with a film starring Ha Jung-woo.


After his daughter disappears without a trace in the new home, a mysterious man who claims to know secrets approaches the desperate man who searches for his daughter.

Fresh from trying to save Korea from a volcanic eruption in “Ashfall”, Ha Jung-woo will be seen in this myster horror thriller, making this the first time the actor has dabbled with the horror genre. Starring alongside him will be Kim Nam-gil (“Memoir of a Murderer”), Kim Mi-hwa (“Dark Figure of Crime”) and Kang Shin-chul, who has worked with Ha in as many as ten projects so far in various bit-part roles, including “Ashfall” and the second “Along with the Gods” film. “The Closet” is confirmed for a February, 2020 release.