From Festival International des Cinémas d’Asie:
We are very sad to hear about Mr. David Kessler’s sudden death. He was director of French CNC between 2001 and 2004. He always followed very closely Vesoul IFFAC’s events, together with General Delegate, Mrs. Monique Barbaroux, during CNC’s presidency. 

He was a man of great cultural knowledge, of great working force, of big humility, a sign distinction of great men. Even during his time working for France Television, France Culture, CMSA, Radio France, Forum des Images, Inrockuptibles, Huffington Post and has been the cultural and medias consultant for French president François Hollande, before becoming president of French telecom company Orange, he always cared very much for Vesoul IFFAC. He requested to personally award the insignia Chevalier des Arts et Lettres to Martine and Jean-Marc Thérouanne at Vesoul’s Prefecture back in 2004. During Vesoul festival’s partnership with Orange company, he requested to attend Vesoul. He paid always a lot of attention to other people’s work in a very natural matter. 

Thank you, Mr. David Kessler, for always supporting and encouraging us. Please rest in peace. Pax Aeterna.



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