Every time we write about Asian Movies we always learn something new. Be it a random movie fact or an exciting new development , it really is rewarding for us to share what we learn and find with all of you .

But we know there is so much more to discover and share. This is why we are inviting you to join our new community editorial team to help make AMP a more community powered site to visit. As well as news , reviews and interviews we want to also allow you to share your movie thoughts and personal commentaries directly on the site.

Let AMP Be Your Outlet

If you are interested in writing then get in touch with us . Not only will we share your article directly on AsianMoviePulse , but we will also share it across our entire social community. Let AMP be an outlet for your passion.

Share Your Passion

Our new community editorial feature will allow you to write your own articles and publish them directly here. Use AsianMoviePulse to express your thoughts and feelings about a film you’ve recently watched, or maybe you want to write a article about a star you are a fan or , maybe you have a inside scoop to share.  

As long as your content relates to Asian movies then we would love to share it.


Share your passion for Asian movies  we would love to hear from you