Kyoto Elegy (2014) Review

Having had the pleasure of interviewing producer/actress, and most recently also director, Kiki Sugino at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2014 (you can read the interview here), I was...
7 Assassins (2013) movie poster

7 Assassins (2013) Review

'7 Assassins' is the latest adventure action movie directed by the veteran and more-than-prolific (credited as an actor in more than 225 films) Eric Tsang. Maybe you don't know him for his work directing...
Metro Manila (2013) Poster

Metro Manila (2013) Review

'Metro Manila' is the story of a good man in a bad world. All elements in the movie seems to stem from that core principle and the only question left for the story to answer is if a good man can remain good...

R100 (2013) Review

Oh boy, where to start with this one. Just when you think movies can't get any crazier; this one comes along. The film's opening immediately sets the tone with the following message: "This movie is fiction! It...