The Great Wall is  Zhang Yimou’s ( House of Flying Draggers, Hero ) first English language film, and he’s really going all out with this one !

At a reported cost of over $130 million this will be China’s most expensive movie to date with an all star international cast to match  lead by Hollywood star Matt Damon , and Hong Kong Superstar Andy Lau

Revolving around the majestic Great Wall, the film mashes elements from science fiction and history as it sets up its characters in 15th century China. Where’s the sci-fi in that, you ask? Well, apparently, the “real” reason the Wall was erected is a large-scale, unrecorded invasion of giant mythical creatures—aliens, perhaps?



In this grievous battle against the supernatural, humankind opted to fortify its defenses with a massive wall that will keep their enemies at bay as the most elite forces create a strategy that will help them tip the odds to their favor.





Matt Damon , Andy Lau , Willem Dafoe, Pedro Pascal ,Luhan Jing Tian , Zhang Hanyu , Peng Yuyan, Lin Gengxin , Ryan Cheng



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