After months of waiting, the latest trailer for Hong Kong action film, Call of Heroes is finally out. This action  film features an all-star cast and direction. Benny Chan’s genius  and Sammo Hung’s fight choreography is an epic combination. The cast includes Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo, Yuan Quan and many more. Call of Heroes centers around the people of Pucheng Village as they fight a cruel warlord.

The movie began filming April last year with a budget of $32 million. The set that took almost five months to build Lau Ching Wan has not done an action film in 20 years. He had to go through rigorous training including learning how to use a whip. This helps him to prepare for his role as the protector of Pucheng village.

Judging from the trailer, we think he did it justice, don’t you agree?

Universe Films Distribution,  has given licensed to WellGo USA for the North American release. The Hong kong martial arts film also been licensed for distribution by various outfits from Europe and all over Asia.

Benny Chan‘s Hong Kong action film is certainly something to watch out for. Call of Heroes  will be opening in Chinese theaters on August 18, 2016.