When John Woo celebrated his 71st birthday recently, Jackie Chan sent him a video wishing him a happy birthday and telling Woo that he would love to work with him again. Woo was touched and said he looks forward to working with Jackie again too.

In 1974, John Woo directed ‘The Young Dragons’, for which Jackie Chan was the stunt coordinator. Then in 1976, Woo had Chan starring in his film ‘The Hand of Death’.

The pair hasn’t worked together for over 40 years.

Is it too late for the pair to get back together again ? Watch this space…

Source : Sina China



  1. When Jackie was filming MR. NICE GUY here in Australia I got the chance to meet him and, naturally, the first thing I asked was if he and Chow Yun-Fat would ever work together.

    In his charmingly stunted English he basically said that he has tried before but Chow is the one who always balks at the idea.

    How amazing would it be if Woo could finally put the two of them together on screen?


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