Jung Woo Sung in the latest teaser of 'Steel Rain'

Steel Rain, based on the popular webcomic of the same name, now has a new teaser trailer.

The film follows Jung Woo Sung as Eom Chul Woo, a top North Korean Reconnaissance agent, and Kwak Do Won as Kwak Chul Woo, a South Korean senior Chief of Foreign Affairs and Security. The two band together on a top-secret mission to prevent the breakout of the Korean War.

Jung Woo Sung in 'Steel Rain'
Jung Woo Sung in ‘Steel Rain’

Steel Rain marks the second time Jung Woo Sung and Kwak Do Won are sharing the screen. They were recently seen in 2016’s hit crime film Asura: The City of Madness.

Jung Woo Sung and Kwak Do Won on the set of 'Steel Rain'
Jung Woo Sung and Kwak Do Won on the set of ‘Steel Rain’

The cast also includes some other famous names such as Kim Kap Soo, Kim Eui Sung, Lee Geung Young, Jo Woo Jin, Lee Ji Won,… Ko Ah Sung could have been a part of the cast as she was offered the major supporting role, but the actress declined. Woo Jin Ah was later chosen to play this character.

Written and directed by the webtoonist himself Yang Woo Seok, the filming of the movie begins late February 2017. Yang is famous for helming The Attorney, a box office hit inspired by the late President Roh Moo Hyun, which also starred Kwak Do Won. The movie was a critical and commercial hit that won many awards last 2014.

The movie is expected to hit local theaters in December.

Source: HanCinema

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