Blade of the Immortal (2017)
Blade of the Immortal (2017) (Source: Magnolia Pictures)

One of the most talked about Asian films of the year, controversial Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike’s 100th outing, Blade of the Immortal is out now on demand and on streaming via a number of platforms including iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and Xbox.

The film, based on the eponymous manga series by Hiroaki Samura, features Japanese film star and singer Takuya Kimura (Hero, Love and Honor) in the role of Manji, a disgraced samurai cursed with immortality after a legendary battle. Haunted by the brutal murder of his sister, he knows that only fighting evil will regain his soul. He promises to help a young girl Rin Asano (Hana Sugisaki) avenge her parents, who were killed by a group of master swordsmen led by ruthless warrior Anotsu (Sōta Fukushi). The mission will change Manji in ways he could never imagine.
Also starring are Hayato Ichihara, Erika Toda, Kazuki Kitamura, Chiaki Kuriyama, Min Tanaka and Shinnosuke Mitsushima.

A Poster for Blade of the Immortal (2017)
A Poster for Blade of the Immortal (2017) (Source:

Everything you would expect from the maker of classic genre films like Audition and Ichi the Killer, Blade of the Immortal has drawn out extreme reactions from viewers and critics the world over for the graphic mayhem on screen. Called ‘jaw dropping’ and ‘a go-for-broke samurai extravaganza’ by A.V.Club, gave the film 3 on 4 stars for Miike’s skill ‘evidenced in every frame of this gorgeous, epic tale of endless carnage’.

Blade of the Immortal is also available in theaters in many US cities now, with the screening schedule available at the website of the US distributors Magnolia Pictures. Fans in the UK and Ireland would have to wait a little longer to enjoy the film in all its glory on the big screen, with the release in these regions scheduled for December 8, 2017.

(Source: Magnolia Pictures)