Director Yoji Yamada (“The Twilight Samurai”, “Love and Honor””Tora-San series”) has finished production on the third film in his series “What a Wonderful Family”. The third film features returning cast from the previous productions focusing on the tribulations of the married couple in Fumie, played by Yui Natsukawa (“Zatochi” ‘Shikoku”), and Konosuke, played by Masahiko Nishimura (“Zen” “Space Brothers”).

The film was released in Japan on May 25th, 2018 and is awaiting an international release, a trailer for the film has been released.


At the Hirata home, three generations of their family live together. A crisis ensues when one afternoon, housewife Fumie (Yui Natsukawa) falls asleep and wakes up to find a thief has stolen her secret money she kept hidden in the refrigerator. She saved the money steadily over time. Her husband Konosuke (Masahiko Nishimura) incredulously asks “You saved up money from my earnings?” Fumie becomes upset and leaves the house. The whole family soon falls into a state of chaos because of her absence. (Asian Wiki)