Chin Han, a veteran Singaporean actor in Hollywood

Due to the recent huge success of Asians in Hollywood, through productions such as “Crazy Rich Asians”, “Searching”, and Netflix series “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”, it is no surprise that the room for Asian actors and actresses is getting bigger and bigger.

With more than 20 years of experience in stage, film and TV, Chin Han is one of the most active actors, and he has been expanding his career further in Hollywood. The veteran actor became an Academy member in 2018, the first Singaporean actor to do so. 

His career is getting wider and bigger, starting from Singaporean Cinema, and breaking into Hollywood a decade ago. His roles get more significant as time passes,  from “The Dark Night” to “Ghost in the Shell” to the Netflix series “Marco Polo”, and the recently released blockbuster “Skyscraper. ” However, the 48-year-old veteran still looks for another challenge in his acting career.

On the call with the Asian Movie Pulse, he said: “More talented Asians need to get the opportunity to act in Hollywood, in different kinds of movies, in diverse genres.”

As one of the movie crew in ‘Ghost in the Shell’ which was repeatedly accused for ‘whitewashing’, he states that although Asians have been encouraged to appear in Hollywood more than before, there is still a need for more Asians in the market. 

“As you know, it is hard to find a well-made Asian character in most of the stories. Zhao, however, is a mysterious character who is constructing the tallest building in the world, 225 stories in Hong Kong. He is a mysterious man.”

He said the reason for choosing this part was the well-made character of Zhao, who, unlike the typical Asian roles, does not follow the clichés.

“When I read the script I received from the director at first, I found there were various features and feelings from the 1970s and 1980s,  like cliffhanging, die-hard action scenes. It sounds a bit old but I really enjoyed reading it.”

Regarding his cooperation with Dwayne Johnson (AKA ‘The Rock’), he said:

“I felt safe when I was doing some tough action scenes with Dwayne Johnson. He is strong, and really talented in action.”

Dwayne Johnson stars as Will Sawyer, a former FBI hostage rescue team leader, who was injured during one of his missions. After retirement, he is assigned to maintain the buildings’ security. One of his assignments in Hong Kong finds him in the tallest, safest building in the world. In contrary to its fame, the skyscraper becomes ablaze all of sudden. Will finds himself wanted for the arson and on the run. He needs to clear the false charges and also needs to rescue his family, who are trapped inside the building on fire.

In this movie, all characters, including Sawyer’s children, get in the action, and so does Chin Han. Even though he is the owner of the building, he holds the key to break the deadlock at the mirror room.
“Every action scene in this movie is well crafted, in terms of choreography. In particular, the last scene in the mirror room, it took very long because we could not be sure of how the mirrors reflect us and how to shoot in there, so we cut every sequence and shoot it. It took almost a week just for that room scene.”

Regarding his cooperation with Rawson Marshall Thurber he mentioned:

“Director Rawson welcomes ideas. He keeps his eyes on small details, such as the colour of a suit, if it is black or white, and even the tie and the tie pins. He takes care of all the details in the movie.”

Chin Han continuously seeks diversity in his characters instead of sticking to his current role.

“Recently I watched “Mamma Mia 2″, and the movie was so much fun, singing and dancing during the running time. I wish to act in a musical in the future.”