FEMME FATALES: SEEN & UNHEARD – An Independent Documentary on Asian Action Cinema.

Maria Tran is back and this time digging deep into the world of Femme Fatales, to speak to the kick ass women in Asian Action Cinema and those trying to make a name for themselves in the film business. Maria is traveling to Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines on a journey to understand the hardship and sacrifices each person makes to get to the top. Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock, Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima were some of the female fighters Maria looked up to, the Tiger Cop mini series (Dedication to 80’s Asian Action Cinema), is a prime example of Maria’s love for the genre.

Mike Leeder with Jean Claude Van Damme

Also on board is Mike Leeder (associate producer), who has worked with some of the very best such as Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme, Donnie Yen, to name but a few.

Maria Tran Bio
Maria Tran (born January 30, 1985) is an Australian-born Vietnamese actress, martial artist, producer, writer and director. is known for developing the martial arts action film genre in Australia via the Asian diaspora communities of Western Sydney through her shorts such as Hit Girls, Gaffa, Enter The Dojo; her contributions on Australian television; Maximum Choppage and movies outside of Australia; Roger Corman’s Fist of the Dragon, Death Mist and Vietnamese action blockbuster Tracer. Tran is pivotal to the creative development of the Australian Vietnamese film movement that challenges gender stereotypes and the exploration of “female action”.

One thing i can say about Maria Tran is that she is very hard working and very determined to achieve her goals in life. Some of her past work includes Enter the Dojo, Tiger Cop, Gaffa, Hit Girls and many more. In 2017, Maria Tran officially set up a film production company called Phoenix Eye and this year she played “Trans Phat” in the channel 10 comedy show “Street Smart“.

Selected Awards
*Short film “Gaffa”, which Tran produced won the HOYTS People’s Choice Awards at the 2009 Joyhouse Film Festival.
*Short film “Happy Dent”, which Tran directed won Best Film and Achievement in Directing at the 2008 Shortcuts Film Festival.
*Maria Tran won the Breakout Action Actress award at the 2013 Action on Film International Festival for her portrayal of the character Charlie Vu in the female assassin comedy, Hit Girls. This award was also shared with actress Juju Chan.
*Tran was nominated and won the Breakout Female Action Star (Feature Film Category) at the 2016 Action on Film International Festival for her role “Zhen” in Roger Corman’s Fist of the Dragon. – Wikipedia

FEMME FATALES: SEEN & UNHEARD will start shooting this month and myself and Asian Movie Pulse will look forward to viewing this when released.