The last time actor/singer Rain (aka Jung Ji-hoon) was seen on screen in Korea, it was in the 2012 film “R2B: Return to Base”, which was lukewarm at best. 6 years later, he is back to prove that the brilliant performance in his debut film “I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK” was not a fluke with the biographical film “The Cyclist King”.


A true story about Uhm Bok-dong, a Korean hero and winner from the time when Japan held a bicycle race in order to take over Korea during the Japanese Invasion.

Joining Rain in the film are Kang So-ra (“Sunny”, “My Paparotti”), Lee Beom-soo (“Operation Chromite”, “The Divine Move”), Kim Hee-won (“The Merciless”, “The Man from Nowhere”) and Min Hyo-ri (“Sunny”, “Twenty”). The film is expected to hit Korean cinemas in February, 2019.