Cleeland continues his visual trips to the iconoclastic world of the extreme, through another short/video that this time combines noise music with various images of Tokyo and drawings.

In that fashion, we watch various “symbols” as Ultraman and other manga/anime characters with a clown dressed in woman’s underwear masturbating, along with various installations and strange images, like a man is an astronaut costume. Paper caricatures of sumo wrestlers placed in a rocky area, a man with different masks pouring a dark liquid over him inside a bathroom complete this rather unusual short.

Cleeland directs a 5 minute short that is more a video installation than a film, with the world “disturbing” being the most fitting one to describe the combination of image and music. The result however, is great sample of modern art, although it definitely takes an open mind to appreciate what Cleeland does with his. Fans of (mainstream) movies may have a hard time with this, but the place of “Snapshots of Tokyo” is definitely in a modern gallery, which seems to be the place Jaim’s works are heading, in Japan

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