The lives of two men from different generations cross path as they make their way to the bank in order to secure financial security. After a chance encounter with a young woman asking for money, the two men’s views on the importance of money in their life comes into question and they must decide how they want to move forward with their financial plans.

“Idena Life Andre” starts off with a kind of mini commercial setting a sort of idealized view of materialism aimed at the people within Bangalore. This opening sets the tone for the rest of the production and the film does feel like a sort of prolonged commercial. This is more used to add levity to the movie and a bit of a comedic tone that balances wonderfully with the film’s views on materialism. The production ability to manage comedy and glossy visuals, while getting a part a strong message is perhaps its greatest accomplishment.

In keeping in tone with the opening, the visuals also mimic the tone of a commercial throughout the production, with a lot of cuts to certain products being used. Although the film does not have any product placement, the quick cuts of simple actions, like making tea, feel like they belong within a commercial. The music, which has a light and whimsical tone, does a good job of complimenting the visuals. On the technical side, there is a lot of talent showcased within the production.

The story is bound to have a bit more of a limited appeal, although the message of struggling with money both in acquiring it and the role it plays in society is a universal message. The film does seem to have a few nuances more specific to the culture within Bangalore. As a viewer who will admit to having virtually no knowledge of the culture and pressures the film speaks to, some of the most profound realizations were a bit lost on me. However, I still got a lot of enjoyment out of the story, and did find the message and the characters to be sincere.

The performances in the film are well done and serviceable. However, I will admit to being most won over by the narrator who opens and closes the short film. The voice-over work exemplifies the charm of the production and sets the tone in a way that the actors just fall short of matching.

“Idena Life Andre” is a very entertaining and well crafted short film. The run-time seems perfect for what it was trying to set up and did not feel restricted by its length.My enjoyment was mostly limited by a bit of a disconnect with the film’s subject matter, but I can see its message resonating with certain audiences. Raghuveer Prasad is a keen talent, particularly when it comes to visual storytelling, which makes “Idena Life Andre” a great starting point, to what is hopefully, an emerging talent.