A sin committed by a boy in his childhood, goes on to literally haunt him into adulthood. The tormented life of the young man is the premise of the short.

Sense of Sin is screening at Japan Film Fest Hamburg

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Using the horror genre was quite a nifty ploy, as an emotional drama would have waned the effect. Background score by Namiko Mori maintains the suspense and eeriness throughout. Added to that, the narration was loaded with metaphors of guilt which the sense of sin leaves behind. The right kind of costume and colours keeps the depiction of the monster effective. I found patronizing Asahi beer and the excessive smoking a little unwarranted.

The camera captures the lighting perfectly which is key to the protagonist’s world of delirium. And with it is on display, the clear summer hues of Japan. Clever editing keeps putting the puzzle together until it is clear as light of day.

An embrace, the fallen mask and rays of Sun bring closure. It is tears of repentance that then merge with the sin and the sense of it.