Back in 2014, Violent Crimes Detective Oh Goo-tak formed a Suicide Squad-esque team of violent criminals to take down a bigger threat in the hit tv drama “Bad Guys”. The successful series was followed up by a second outing with “Bad Guys: Vile City”, but the two shows were connected merely by its basic premise and a common screenplay writer in Han Jeong-hoon. Come 2019, and the franchise expands onto the big screen with “The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos” (previously named “Bad Guys: The Movie).


A prisoner transport vehicle overturns and the dangerous prisoners escape. To catch the escaped prisoners, the police decide to once again form a special crime investigation team consisting of prisoners to catch the criminals. Detective Oh Goo-tak forms the new team with Park Woong-cheol, Kwak No-soon and Ko Yoo-sung. A major criminal organization soon enters the picture.

The original “Bad Guys” had a splendid star-cast, which consisted of Kim Sang-joon (“Our Sunhi”) as Oh Goo-tak and a pre-“Train to Busan” fame Ma Dong-seok. Han Jeong-hoon’s script brings both the characters back for the franchise’s cinematic outing, for a fresh team up with Kim Ah-joong’s Kwak No-soon and Jang Ki-yong’s Ko Yoo-sung. The film also brings back Detective Yoo Mi-yeong from the original “Bad Guys”, played by Kang Ye-won (“Haeundae”). Directed by Son Yong-ho, “Bad Guys: The Movie” will be released on September 11th, 2019 in South Korea, with an international release expected shortly after.



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